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AUDIO: Lady Gaga's satanic prayer leaked!

drop dead

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"The next day another ??? came, so it continued always the same. Greatest Christ, Christ of ejaculation. Always the same.

When one of the old woman tied the devil tightly onto de old machine. He was then in front of the bouduir masturbating a bit in front of her vagina. So, at the first signal, he began to fuck wathever screamed the lust from the moment when the ejaculation began to roar like a goat. He walked out not even looking at the woman, and repeated this day for the forth time at the same day."





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Guest Zooey Deschanel

This is audio from something she read at an art exhibition at the Louvre. It's not "leaked" audio. IABJ_1.gif











gaga read that shit???

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