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Selena Gomez Hitting The Studio and is back with Justin.

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Selena going into the studio to record new song: 






I can't wait for her new music and she looks so good  :crying1:  :crying1:  :crying1: yass queen slay me. 


She was also seen with Racistin Beaver during his friend's b-day party yesterday  :overthis:  :mygawd:




Selena needs to dump his ass tbh, I can't believe she took him back after everything.  :icanttt:


BuyStarsDance tho. 

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I'm starting to think that Justin has some big juicy dick tbh I mean what other reason is there :orangu:

Gross. But I think he may be her first, unless she's using him for relevancy.

The photos in the op took forever and a day to load, she ain't got no ass (the struggle)... :gloria:

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I don't know which I'm angrier at her for, wearing those ugly jeans or for taking Bieber back...  :thatsweird:

Anyway, hope the record is a bop! :aintevenmad:

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