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Stretch marks.


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I always used to be short then I suddenly grew to 6"2 and my back looks as if someone tried to slice me with a kitchen knife, I have terrible stretch marks.  :overthis:  They make me feel uncomfortable and don't look flattering so does anyone know any methods to get rid of them? I'm using bio-oil but it doesn't seem to help much.  :crying1:

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I have some on my legs, and i'm sorry but it will never go away, at least not in a "natural" way, just by surgery i guess and i'm not even sure. Every products and shits like that don't work. It might help them to fade faster but it won't make them disappear. 

It will fade with time, i don't know how big they are, but to me it was pink/purple at first and now it's almost the same color as my skin, i don't even see them in the mirror anymore, only if you look closely.

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From an interview I was watching in TV, a dermatologist said that in the beggining stages(they are red-pink) you can heal them with oily products.

If you let them, and they become white, you cannot completely remove them but you can improve the situation a little bit - again with oily products.

Ask a doctor  :xf1:

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