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lindsay shows her weight loss,looking good


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I really hope her face gets better, she is so beautiful but she kind of overdid the surgeries...

Anyway, what's really important is that she's finally getting her life together, I wish her the best, I always knew she'd make it :)

her face is better now she looks like this





and this was her during 2011-12-(early 2013)


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wow she really messed up her looks


she used to look extremely beautiful, but now she is just pretty and ok. looks so plastic.

ofc mean girls lindsay is not coming back,but c'mon she looks great here she is fillers and botox free (-the lips) and she looks better make up free (you could see that in her docu)
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her look and her face shows she is really clean, she looks healthy! since the Canes interview, she looks less swalllowish, she looks more young, she doesnt looks old , i'm really glad she is taking her life in order! <3

this,ppl need to realise men gir lindsay is no coming back,she looks amazing here even the lipps,i'm glad that she ditched botox an fillers,and i really do hope so she is clean........
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She looks kinda good, not in an old Lindsay level but... yeah

its better than thislindsay-lohan-drunk-london-0109-06-435x58287914.jpg


(and only thing diff are her lips now but even they are kinda normal looking,her cheekbones are normal again and she is botox free :lol:) she looks amazing ofc mean girls lilo is not coming back....but she looks really pretty here

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