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Mimi ♕

Mimi's last confession.

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Ok, this is a long read, but I'm going to explain everything here and reveal certain things, so if you guys wanna know, read.



So, I joined this forum around the begining of this year, *checks profile* January 12th, to be exact.

It seemed like a very nice forum, and there were only a couple of member there.

So, I started posting and comunicating with people here, and it was an amazing experience. People were great, we had a BLAST in the shoutbox. We would mostly talk about sexual stuff, but it was so much fun,lmao.


But then there was this Post Your Pictures thread and.. that's when the joy became very risky and what not.

I posted a fake pic. I posted a picture of a guy,and I'm actually a female. Yes, it's true.


People loved it and at that time, I never considered it that much of a big deal. 

The reason I did this is I'm not very good looking and I have too many insecurities, and I was really curious about how gay people communicate and stuff , you know .. 


But , the moment this started to get serious was when a certain member and I were actually having a really serious type of friendship, where it at one point turned into an online romance.

I loved it , and didn't want to cut it. The moment I realised I'm in trouble is when the person started asking for me to go to Skype, for Instagram, and what not.

I would always try to cover it up with some lame ass excuses like 'Oh, I don't use that' 'Aw, I deactivated my Facebook' and shit, and the person believed me.


The problem is that I kept on lying and lying to that person and like 2 days ago, I actually told him I'm going to expose myself to him and show him the real me [since I told him I'm not who I posted in the PYP thread a week or two earlier], and again, I lied. I made a fake instagram account using pics of a guy from my school [whose personality I stole and even made my name Marlon Brando today, since it's the person's idol] thinking I could get away and end this whole thing with that certain member.

However, the dude from school found out and asked me why I made the account, blah,blah, so I had to delete it.


Now, I would like to apologize to that member and everyone else for catfishing and lying to y'all.

I really never thought it would go this far and actually affect someone's feelings.


I also wanna thank Nicholas,Jay,Yung,Jen,MeanPlastic, the one and only, the amazing and wonderful Lara, the owner and creator of this beautiful place and, I wanna also thank anyone who has made this experience better for me, cuz I really enjoyed my time here.


I decided not to share my actual self with y'all cuz I don't want to get in trouble or be online bullied and what not, I just want to end this whole thing.


I'm getting my account deleted after this and I hope you all don't hate me now.





Ah, that felt good.

I really needed to get this off my chest.


Bye, dahlings, love always, Mimi! <3



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