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Britney is FREE!


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Too good to be true! Back in 2019 I never thought this day would come. She was a prisoner physically mentally emotionally and financially! I pray she keeps her amazing newish lawyer as he deserves so much praise. He took on Lou and Team con's lies head on and didn't back down. Britney also deserves so much praise for her words in Summer. Such bravery despite the threats and dangers. Also well done to fans and even celebs for keeping pressure up. Even SOME media outlets were supportive. I'll never forgive TMZ or others for their support of Team Con though. Shows that they have no morals. 


Don't get me wrong I think a lot things went right for this to happen: The exposure from that leaked audio, Brit's boys being too old to block her from seeing them, Jamie's terrible history of alcoholism and violence, Brit's ability to finally have a lawyer of her choosing. 


13 years lost, but hopefully Britney will make up for it now. I just hope she can be happy 

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