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Britney and her lawyer file documents to contest Conservatorship!

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So it won't end tomorrow (didn't think it would), but if Britney's request is granted then that's steps in the right direction for it to be! It's nice to see her lawyer actually on her side for once, saying these are Britney's wishes and that he believes it's in her best interest. This is HUGE because it's the first time she's ever filed something like this to actually change the conservatorship. This account is a bit misleading in my opinion, because it doesn't seem like they're filing to outright end it, but make changes because I also saw on TMZ that they filed to keep Jodi on as personal conservator and have her father out permanently with a competent corporation to handle her finances. So it seems to me they're not  filing to end it all together just yet, but to have these changes for the time being.

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