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Why do I eat so much


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I'm still so full. But i still crave food.


I'm 15  so it must be puberty. But i went up from 149 at the beginning of the year to 189 :crying5: I'm only 5 "10 so it's showing

This is what I ate today 


  • Breakfast - 8 Waffles and 2 slices of bacon
  • Snack - A chocolate bar 
  • Snack2 - Custard Pie
  • Lunch - A plate of spare ribs and frenchfries
  • Currently eating - A nother helping of ribs and fries.


It's starting to show I look like a fucking sausage  :crying1:


Even my friends are telling me to lay off junk food.

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I know exactly how you feel. I could eat all day long without ever stopping. Even when I'm full, I could still eat more.

Here are some tips:

Drink a ton of water

Exercise (do cardio specifically to get rid of the fat)

Try to eat more healthy. Eat a fruit instead of a chocolate bar and eat more greens.

Play a sport

Go on a diet if you feel like you're too "fat."

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Try Insanity, it's hard but y'll see results very fast even with your current diet, or hire a professional trainer - he will help u choose fit plan and special diet. U can do it. u need just a month to get used to a new lifestyle, and you'll be much healthier and fitter. finger crossed




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