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Another Psychic Reading!

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So the psychic, who has been right in the past, did another reading on Britney. Here are the takeaways:

-Britney KNOWS what's going on and she's had enough. He also thinks she knows what's going on as far as her career and was/is sabotaging things.
-She's working on a project (still) and when she releases it it'll be like "Overprotected, Piece of Me" calling these people (Her team? Dad? Lou?) out and will be HUGE.
-It's (the song and her attitude) is kind of like "oh you won't let me go? Now I won't let you go"
-3 women are gonna help her. He's said this before and Miley was all freebritney, now Cher started to tweet about it too. Still waiting on that third.
-Kevin might do something positive to help her.
-She doesn't love Sam anymore and is possibly using him to help get out and he's too stupid to realize. "I think she's starting to wise up."
-He pulled a card for Sam and Britney, the Sam card was about building something, starting something and the one for Britney was about breaking her cycle. He thinks that Britney will use Sam's new thing "yeah, I'll do it for you, I'll do it with you" to break her cycle. Sam recently started some fitness program and claimed that Britney is on it. So.
-He keeps saying "rebellious Britney is back, she's Stella Got Her Groove Back"
-He thinks there might be another guy around Britney that's helping her.
-This reading was very justice orientated. She feels trapped, "her chance to dream, they're not allowing her to do the best that she can". She got used to it. She's playing it calm but that's not who she is anymore and she won't play calm anymore.
-She envious of her peers for what they were able to do and regrets that she wasn't able to do what she wanted to accomplish and she's getting her revenge.
-She's going to rebuild her trust, break down everything, and regain her power. This is regards to the song.
-He thinks the people around her broke her down, convinced her no one cared about her, and that she couldn't do anything or they'd do stuff to her (threaten with taking her kids?) and he thinks she's finally calling their bluff.
-He thinks a part of her was ok with "just chilling" but not anymore.
-He thinks she might collab with Justin Timberlake on this song that will expose everything. Or someone she's had issues with. Or could be a song about him/the person she had issues with.
-Things might get worse before they get better but he sees a light at the end of the tunnel.



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