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Jamie Spears Wins Injunction Against Blogger

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Sooo y'all gonna update us on what this means, if anything, for the few of us stranglers left?


SOURCE: https://www.wonderwall.com/celebrity/jamie-spears-gets-injunction-against-free-britney-blogger-3021877.article


By Wonderwall.com Editors 

11:31am PST, Dec 21, 2019

The fansite AbsoluteBritney.com, known for its conspiracy theory-esque posts and comments about Britney Spears' long-running conservatorship, hasn't posted a new update since September.

That may be because the singer's father, Jamie Spears, got an injunction against the blog's creator, Anthony Elia, prohibiting him from posting defamatory remarks about the aims of those managing the conservatorship, including Jamie, who stepped down temporarily but is set to take over as lead conservator again in January.


TMZ reports a judge has ordered Elia to cease and desist making statements that imply the conservatorship is "harming" the 38-year-old singer, as he did earlier this year when he suggested Britney's team was manipulating her Instagram to make it appear as if the conservatorship is necessary, the implication being that it's not.


Those posts fueled and were fueled by the "Free Britney" movement, with scores of the singer's Instagram followers urging Britney to assert her freedom and independence, as she did in a post in September.


At one point, Elia called the conservators' treatment of the singer a "human rights violation," according to TMZ. The website also reports Jamie was especially incensed by the fact Elia said he was basing his claims about the conservators' motives on a "gut feeling."

Larry Stein, an attorney for Jamie, successfully argued the remarks were defamatory, citing the death threats those involved with the conservatorship have received as a result of the blog.

Britney asked the court this past spring to free her from the constraints of the conservatorship.


She's been on a musical hiatus of sorts since last January, when she announced she needed personal time to process her father's failing health. She later sought help at an inpatient treatment program. She was rumored to have told the judge handling her conservatorship case that her father forced her to go to the treatment center, although TMZ has cited laws that seem to show that would be illegal.

The conservatorship, meanwhile, has been in place since 2008.


According to a new report from L.A. Magazine, Britney shells out more than $1 million a year in legal fees to the conservatorship "and other fees." Among those costs is $15,000 a month that goes to an attorney Britney was not allowed to choose.

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