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Britney Spears' Sons Granted Restraining Order Against Grandfather Jamie Spears

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Britney Spears' two sons have been granted a restraining order against their grandfather Jamie Spears, barring him from contact with the kids.

According to documents filed in Los Angeles County, Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent-Kaplan, demanded the kids be protected from Jaime.


The domestic violence restraining order was filed by Federline, on behalf of his children, following the incident of their grandfather allegedly abusing 13-year-old Sean.

We're told the documents were filed in the ongoing custody case between the two, with a slew of stipulations put forth by Federline and his attorneys, and Britney's team agreed to all of the demands and terms of protection for the kids.


The documents give Federline full legal custody of both boys. Britney will need all her visitation with the children to be monitored, and Jaime can no longer be the monitor.

We're told, it was agreed that another adult would be present, who has been approved by Federline and the court.

Britney will not have any overnight visits, and Federline will now have around 90% physical custody.


Seems weird they're essentially punishing Britney by taking away the custody she was just granted, but it was also agreed upon so that leads me to believe it will be temporary until probably the conservatorship hearings later this month and Jamie is hopefully out of the picture for good.

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