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Britney Spears Psychic Reading

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This is a VERY interesting video regarding the whole #FreeBritney movement.

Take aways:
-Conservatorship is NOT about money, she's not a cash cow. It's about ego, pride, and control. Jamie and Larry have a real fear that if freed Britney would choose the wrong people and lose everything, thus making them failures in the process.
-Britney spoke to us and will again. This video was on April 25th, and if you believe the speculation about her Instagram post emulating Janet's control, that was May 3rd.
-Again, this video was April 25th, he predicted Lynne would become involved.
-He thinks that Sam "snitched" on Britney, but not in a malicious way that led towards the mental facility.
-He predicts the conservatorship will end and it might be because of a pay off on Britney's end.
-He predicts the downfall of Lou, that she has been meddling in everything from the beginning, and that she will lose everything. He says this woman basically amps up everything, for example, if Britney is sad she'll tell Jamie that she's suicidal to make her seem worse than she is.
-He also predicts a huge album/song, saying Britney will leverage her music meaning she won't do anything until they let her go and Lynne will be on her side.



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