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Britney Spears Granted Restraining Order Against Sam Lutfi

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Lutfi also says he has not caused “substantial emotional distress” to Britney, and believes her team’s move to block his public comments is a restraint on free speech.  In fact, Lutfi claims he was the one who has been disparaged by Britney, arguing that she accused him of forgery and impersonation in the video she posted weeks ago.


But he's the good guy, right y'all? :yano:


Also, there's a copy of his texts to Lynne here: https://3xf8fq40r09d2057kq393vj4-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/0506_Britney_Spears_Texts.pdf and they're disturbing to say the least. In my opinion, he's being highly manipulative and trying to gain access to Britney via Lynne as conservator. Which is a suspicion I had ever since 2008, that HE wanted to be Britney's conservator all along. Also, in my opinion, he admits to at least have spoken to the "gram girls" as he states they want to speak with Lynne. So, the accusation that he started the whole "freebritney movement" isn't so far fetched now.

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