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Just listen by clicking here.

Thank you Britneysgam for sharing this information with the Britney Army. This breaks our hearts and we need to #FreeBritney.

PS: To all the fans please listen by your own choice, we felt it was the right thing to do by posting this. It is time to fucking Free our girl Britney.

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Listened to it earlier and if true it’s heartbreaking and some parts do line up, like Wallet quiting out of the blue and the harrowing reason he gave, plus if her team was up to something really shady, I can totally see him or any lawyer not wanting to get caught up in it. Plus wherever she is, I believe she’s been there much longer than what has been reported cuz we legit haven’t seen her in MONTHS!!


But with that said, unless the source was willing to publicize his name its one of those things that has to be taken with a grain of salt, at the same time tho, I don’t completely trust her team either.


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