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Bretyna Speransky

What everything changed in your life since your first touch here?

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I moved to other city, met many people, in last 2 yrs i'm working in 3rd job there, met someone with who I could had relationship, also another one who is the "strangest" person ever I've seen. Also I went through the disease because I wasn't paying attention to safe sex, but actually i'm healthy. I want to go study social school from sept.

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4 hours ago, sairaannopee99 said:

Well, when I first came here I was still living at my mom's and my friends didn't even know about me being a fan so quite a lot has changed. I also study at a different place now and can legally smoke, drink, gamble and vote


congratz :eatandlaugh:

What are you studying?

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Well, I had just turned 12 when I joined this forum so I guess it's obvious a lot has changed :lmaolol:

Can't believe I joined in November 2015. It truly feels like yesterday lol. And to be fair, I also can't believe I'm about to turn 16. It's so weird that now I'm the same age as those high school girls I wanted to be like when I was little :cuteclap:


I think life is filled with ups and downs and that definitely showed the past two years or so. 


As to which things have changed, first of all I'm in high school now and of course that's different. I got into anime, started listening to k-pop, started collecting comics and did my first bunch of IGCSEs. 

To be fair, my hobbies have always been the same, basically dancing and at one point I tried piano lessons which really didn't work out for me :selenerz:


And last but not least (actually this is like the most important thing imo) my whole perspective of life and relationships has changed. I'm aware that this will keep changing in the future too as that's part of growing up and becoming mature, but you know, it's nice to make some progress, even if it's just a little :crazysmile:


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