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Crossroads - but on Blu-ray. (bootleg)

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In terms of quality and whatnot, this Blu-ray is pretty great and probably the best one the guy who makes these has ever made.

The menus are upscaled and edited from the DVD (iirc) and it's difficult to see where the menu cursor is but other than that, no complaints. It's the closest thing to an official Blu-ray we'll have, and it's already convincing. 

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2 hours ago, Ricki Lake said:

Is the movie actually HD or just upscaled?

1080p baby

1 hour ago, KneeTapeney said:

btw- I found this movie in 1080p as torrent and also official release on BD.

There's no official Blu-ray release - the film was uploaded in HD by Amazon or Netflix.

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