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Brace yourselves because our wigs are about to be SNATCHEDT!

The iconic producer Nathaniel “Danja” Hills has just tweeted a caption titled “Welcome to the jungle” with the #B10 (Britney’s 10th studio album) hashtag!

What could this possibly mean?! Jungle theme/jungle tropical house beats?! We are definitely getting some iconic bangers!

A few weeks ago, Absolute Britney has reported info regarding an entertainment site that had “Danja” listed as writing and producing multiple tracks for Britney’s upcoming 10th studio album. Justin Tranter has also confirmed that he is the executive producer of #B10 (Tranter is the iconic genius behind Britney’s amazing tropical house bop “Better”!)

You can possibly count his recent tweet as him confirming his involvement with #B10!

Are you rea9y for the slayage #BritneyArmy? 😉

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