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Will Britney's Domination show be cancelled for the entire year?

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She said cancel, not postpone, so I think it is safe to say the whole thing has been scrapped. If she comes up with a new residency in the future, I don't think it will be Domination, but something else.

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On her official website, it states that the launch run of Domination is on hold until further notice.

So I believe it's just postponed for now. Not canceled like a lot of people are saying.





I'm hoping that after Britney has some time to spend with her family, that she comes back ready to resume working on a new album

and ready to improve upon the new residency show, to make it even better.


Here's what she should do:

- release the new album (mid/late, this year).

- do promo for the album.

- do promo for the new Vegas residency before it begins.

- then officially launch the new residency (early/mid, next year).

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