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The Sims


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OMGGGGG It's my fave pc game. I love Sims. :crying1:


I play Sims like every vacation when I have free time. :crying4:


And I enter all the codes so my sims can become rich ASAP! I don't even try! :queenie:

lol I do that too. there's seriously no point in trying to get rich in Sims. The sim will die of old age before you even get close to making that 100K+ :gloria:  My friend actually tried it w/o any cheats and it's impossible. 

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omg I love sims! I could play it for hours on end, which is why I stopped. That shit seriously isn't good when you have work to do :britdrown:

I found this Britney Sim awhile back. I wanted to DL her into my game so bad. 

Posted Image


Damn, that's amazing, how could he/she create it? How can they make that lips? That hair? That eyes? That eyebrow?  :crying1:


I can't create a beautiful sim like that until now  :britneycryingdfcuerfsgi:

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I had my sim workout by treadmill outside the house and not long after that (i want to complete the 4 hour workout opportunity) i got the red notice "suddenly it's dark" or something and MY SIM GOT HIT BY A REALLY BIG METEOR!!!


And she automatically died, i worked my asses off to get her into Level 8 Stylist career :crying1:


Thak God i already saved my game not too long before my sim died :crying1:


It's a little sad but it was hilarious too :gloria:

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