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I Feel So Free With You is about to leak...

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unbrokeney has just posted on tumblr the song should leak soon :o


pd: in case you don't know unbrokeney, they have leaked a few songs and demos over the last few years

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23 hours ago, HeadstrongWolf said:

Holy hell, that's surprising. I actually slightly believe it now just because it's them.

Actually - I retract this statement.


While Unbrokeney has a history of being reliable, I remembered the remix of All That She Wants, which had Jenny from Ace of Base on it.



They said it was official, but it definitely was just an edit, with the original Britney version spliced in.


This is still debatable, but I've been researching AOB lately and it just seems very unlikely that a band that last reunited in 2011 would have done a LQ sample as a duet.


I'm still thankful for all their leaks, but that specific incident hurt their credibility.


If something does leak, awesome! But I haven't heard anything on the grapevine.

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