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Looks like Britney’s new residency will last for 3 years! #BritneyDomination

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And more and likely it will get extended longer



Also, I found this in a Billboard article that was published today

(Apparently Larry confirms that Britney will work on new music once Domination begins)


“When Park Theater was opening, we took a look and it felt like the perfect next step in the evolution of Britney in Vegas,” continues Rudolph, who confirms Spears will continue working on new music once the show launches. “It’s brand new, it's bigger and the hotel was being renovated, so the idea of being in a newly-branded, newly-renovated property in a new theater with higher capacity made it very appealing.”

Source: https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8491654/lady-gaga-las-vegas-residency-game-changer

(It's towards the bottom of the article)



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