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main page Britney Spears is asking Fans what they want to see in the her new “Domination” Show!

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Looks like Queen B’s team is finally asking the fans advice on what the fans hope to see during Britneys new Las Vegas show “Domination”. Britney posted a question on her instagram story asking “What do you want to see in the new domination show?”

We all know the entire Britney Army is going to be putting that we want “Overprotected” on the setlist, but what else do you hope to see during her new residency? Be sure to head over to her instagram account and tell the Queen of Las Vegas what you want in her new show!

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stage costumes that aren't focused on being sexual and revealing everything, a better set list (new songs, removal of her overdone songs, etc), rerecorded and or live vocals (never gonna happen), less pitch shifting, ugh the list goes on. :crying1:

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Overprotected and hold it against me

Less slutty, more artistic themes

Strict choreographers that will polish Britney's moves, same they do with her back up dancers

Fresh, innovative choreographies...not here for same old...

New and fresh themes. No more circus themes, angels, devils, thrones etc...think of something new people!

Costumes that work with the themes and allow Britney to perform. Have the designers work with the choreographers and the director for that...


Omg, after writing this list I realized how amateur the first Piece of me shows were with all those wigs, uncomfortable costumes, high heels, running around the stage choreos etc...pfff

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