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Lady Gaga

Highest Grossing Tours by Female Artists of All Time

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1. Madonna - Sticky & Sweet: $407,713,266
Number of shows: 85 (2008-2009)
Average attendance: 41,716
2. Madonna - MDNA: $305,158,362
Number of shows: 88 (2012)
Average attendance: 25,140
3. Celine Dion - Taking Chances: $279,212,643
Number of shows: 132 (2008-2009)
Average attendance: 19,696
4. Beyoncé - The Mrs. Carter Show: $229,727,960
Number of shows: 132 (2013-2014)
Average attendance: 15,779
5. Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball: $227,400,000 
Number of shows: 201 (2009-2011)
Average attendance: 12,438
6. Cher - Living Proof: The Farewell: $220,623,920
Number of shows: 326 (2002-2005)
Average attendance: 10,800
7. Madonna - Confessions: $194,754,447
Number of shows: 60 (2006)
Average attendance: 20,171
8. P!nk - The Truth About Love: $182,937,014 
Number of shows: 142 (2013-2014)
Average attendance: 13,974
9. Lady Gaga - Born This Way Ball: $181,100,000
Number of shows: 98 (2012-2013)
Average attendance: 19,334
10. P!nk - Funhouse / Summer Carnival: $149,278,271
Number of shows: 185 (2009-2010)
Average attendance: 16,216
For all those wondering where Britney at, she got shoved by P!nk for 10th place as Britney did far less shows (97 shows) but still managed to gross $131 million.
Also might have to do with the fact her highest grossing tour still has close to 30 dates not counted and that she does far less shows than everyone else. Come on Britney fuck vegas and do more tours please!

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Britney please do a world tour again :crying2:

another reason whyVegas is not good its because its max attendance is 6000 or so seats

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Wow. Although I'm slightly pressed there's no Britney in sight on this list. Oh well, she did amazing with the Circus tour having just gotten over the breakdown and everyone thinking she was done. She silenced the critics with that tour. 


Bow to Queen Madonna for holding the nos. 1 and 2 position though. 

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Actually, Britney tops a lot of these yours in terms of sales considering she was able to reach $131 million with only 97 shows. Almost all these ladies have hundreds of shows. Had Britney continued the tour, she would've knocked pink and gaga off the list

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