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I used to think If U Seek Amy was a bad 3rd single choice...

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The fans voted for it on her official website. I wanted Shattered Glass, Out From Under or one of her bonus tracks.


But I was sooo wrong. if U Seek Amy was the perfect choice, looking at the comments on the YouTube video, the controversy surrounding the chorus, the FLAWLESS choreography... It is perfection. I was so wrong! I see posts about people being like "omg after 9 years I finally get it!" And "iconic!"


Anyway, what a flawless single, flawless video and the best choreography we saw from Britney ALL throughout the Circus era! I know Circus (the single) had some amazing choreography but it was cut to pieces and messed up, but in If U Seek Amy she is dancing with so much passion and energy, her outfit is flawless, her hair is on fleek, ugh, this is like the last time I saw "true Britney."


IF U SEEK AMY IS FLAWLESS! And the Circus tour performance of it shits on any performance she's done since.

The charisma, the facial expressions, the fierceness, no awkward moments, UGH! FLAWLESS

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1 hour ago, Mrs Jared Leto said:

if you seek amy is a flawless masterpiece :iconic:

It truly is! I hope she performs it again for her next residency, and I pray it gets some decent choreography. The song has so much personality and sass. She could do so much with it.

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I think it is one of the best tracks on Circus, and I even would have made it the second single. I never liked Circus, found it kinda boring and plain, like all the singles Dr. Luke has produced for her.

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