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Britney: Piece Of Me Tour - Opening Night (Clip Compilation Video) [July.12th]

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This Was Created & Uploaded By Speed S On YouTube


Here Are The Changes To The Show That I Noticed

*Disclaimer I Wasn't There. Sadly I Can't Afford Tickets To Go.*

  • "If I'm Dancing" Interlude (Replacing "Change Your Mind" Interlude)
  • "Clumsy" & "Change Your Mind" Added To The Setlist (Performed After "Gimme More")
  • New Breakdown Added In "I'm Slave 4 U" (Remixed With Elements From Migos' Song "Walk It Talk It")
  • "Everytime" And "I Love Rock 'N' Roll" Removed From The Setlist
  • Few New Outfits (Mostly New Tops, One New Full Piece, New Cape For "Work Bitch" & A New Robe For "Slumber Party")




This New Top Is Actually The Same Top (If Not, Than A Similar One) From Her Recent Photoshoot She Posted A While Ago

Dh9rp3FWAAAbUM4.thumb.jpg.58f2cb05e3d44b1b2519b646449dd011.jpg 36161380_402574850239413_7726987701303377920_n.thumb.jpg.ab73ac0630e543e8502a3a5b3951a680.jpg


New "If I'm Dancing" Interlude

*This Was The Best Video I Could Find*

New Breakdown Added To "I'm A Slave 4 U"


What Do You Think About These Changes?

Let Me Know Down Below


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