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Stuck on a +set list

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1 hour ago, Legendary said:

It's a tour for Blackout that I suggested



Available on my website since 11 months ago, although it's kinda rare (it was made in 2007). The russian website copied it, so it's not that rare tho



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6 hours ago, britneyscircu501 said:

Can someone please make up a set list? i'll give you credit. I wanna edit the songs in Audacity.

How many songs tho?


I thought in this one:


Black on Earth (Introduction)

1. Heaven On Earth (her lover left her, piano of Baby starts playing on the end with a dark tone)

2. Overprotected / Stronger 

3. Don't Let Me The Last to Know (Acoustic/Piano)

4. Just Luv Me


Britney, The Chaos (Interlude with news reports from 2007, with Sometimes bells being played on the background in a dark tone, reflecting the horror on the news articles)


5. Gimme More (First minutes in Acapella) / Piece of Me

6. Get Naked

7. Outrageous

8. Shadow (with Fantasy of Breathe being partial played — that track where she tells her fantasy with Kevin)



Glory (her new phase on her life)


9. My Baby (with a special presence of her kids on stage, you can use Oh La La audio sample, when Jayden says Hey Mammy) / Perfume (live and acoustic)

10. Just Like Me / Shell Never Be Me (a mashup with her unreleased song)

11. Amnesia (in the beginning, the BG voices could last longer) 

12. Change Your Mind


My Story


13. Let Go 

14. Oops (with no Instrumental, she just remembers of this song and starts singing it in Acapella, like most singers do between the water break)

15. Toxic

16. State of Grace (with more uptempo beats)

17. Fake goodbye


18. And Then We Kiss / Unusual You (Outro)


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