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does anyone here play imvu?


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Does anyone here play imvu? :waitWAT: in the app there is a secret Britney Spears room. Two actually, you find 2 when you search "britney" but one of them is just a fancy ass bedroom :tbh: the other one is literally like a Britney-themed mansion party with bar, dance floor with a pole, casino, and Godney's picture is like projected on the wall! It's really really cool. :yes: but its completely empty because the app users dont go there :ashley: anywhooo I thought maybe if anyone here already has the app, we could try to synchronize Britney meetings there, maybe spearitual sundays can be held there with all our avatars and we could use the chat feature :) If you  dont have the app you really should get it  :uhhuh: 

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5 minutes ago, ☆☆☆MikeCZ☆☆☆ said:

What is imvu? I don't get it tbh 


IMVU is a virtual world and social media platform where you can have a hot avatar and take them to different mansions or places and take photos of them for the avatar's instagram profile. you can dance interact with each other and even chat in the rooms :tbh: and I was just saying that there is a Britney themed mansion in the game :) 

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