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If you could only buy three of Britney's albums


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5 minutes ago, HolySpearit said:

Britney album :) Blackout :) Glory   :) 


Praise Godney :Godney:  best albums in the history of ever :yestbh: 


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Don't you dare say Britney Jean ironically :dontteaseme:


If you're gonna say Britney Jean make sure to clearly explain why you like it THAT much :queenflopga:



Cool game bb! :clap: 

Thanks sweetie! :) I'd buy those albums too.

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5 hours ago, JoshLee said:

I would do Flawless Fatale, Glory, and Blackout :crying1: 


It gives me like 3 of my moods: Happy and wanting to dance freely, mid-tempo and modern and relatable, and gets me in my hoe stage :twerkney:  

My exact 3 choices

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