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My Britney Collection


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My fave album is Oops :The Best of Britney :)

Will buy it someday :)

Probably I think she secretly released her non-singles tracks because no one from sony didn't know any info about this release :shook:

I had japan Glory, but sell.

No I have:

Britney 15(officially 16 with music video, I have wrong release) tracks, In The Zone Japan, Blackout Japan with demo versions lyrics.

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11 hours ago, ImaSlave4Brit said:

Cool collection! I have some special editions, like Japan's ITZ and UK's Oops. It isn't a big one, but is a good one.

I also have Glory's vynil. I'll buy a Vynil Player to rip those in WAV 

the best is Audacity and record it to 192khz/32bit tho

Windows media player can play WAV then

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