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Britney Tour Club T-shirts


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Hi guys, 


Did anyone buy from the britneytourclub.com?


You could choose between t-shirts and hoodies and get an access code for pre-sale tickets to Britney's concert. 


According to the order confirmation I was supposed to get my t-shirt 2 weeks after the payment... 


But the 2 weeks are now like 4 weeks ago? Did anyone receive their shirt or hoodie? 

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I’ve become this mail several days ago:



Thanks for the email. I'm delighted to help. I apologize for the inconvenience and trouble.  The item is currently on queue for delivery and we'll ship them as soon as it becomes available for delivery. 


If you need anything else, please contact us for assistance. 


Britney Tour Club Team

So we have to wait. :sad:

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