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:concerned: @ifuseekme has scammed me, read below for the whole scammer alert

Scammer Alert: Ifuseekme - Date: December 27 - Present -  What Happened: Basically, I traded Die For You and That's All for Body Bag and Too Close To The Sun, what I didn't know was that Body Bag was already leaked back in 2017, skip to the next trade: They then scammed for a Liz track (Dangerous) I found out that the Stay "demo" that leaked was a fake ( One of the ones @Reflecting leaked) I sent them an acapella to make up for that. Last trade with a scam in it was  the Warrior (Instrumental) and Do Ya Thang (Instrumental) for All About That (Instrumental) and another instrumental, turns out that the All About That instrumental was leaked :cypher: I told them about the leak of it and said they would make it up another day (Which was said nearly a month ago now) Skip to the present, on Monday I asked them to make up for it by sending a writers demo or a unreleased ID thing (Not sure what it is, they never replied) with no reply or anything :awkwardney: Another thing I found out, they had also scammed me a previous time for a set of incomplete What The Hell stems, reading this forum helped since I found out the instrumental stems already leaked :nothx: 

Dates of the trades: Die For You & That's All - December 27th

All About That & Pray (Empty Gun) instrumental: January 18th (When I said it was leaked)

Dangerous: 31st December 


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