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Because you don't understand to this "shit" of the day meaning :icant:
[mention=4730]Turn Ya Head[/mention] understand :laughbrit:

I originally intended Shit of the Day to be about bad music you secretly like. Or maybe not that secretly.
I listen to S3RL and BOTDF (a rave DJ with songs about sex and anime and a band for scene/emo kids in need of some hoes) which everyone dislikes so a Shit of the Day would be a song by them. Or maybe Heidi Montag, who's supposedly untalented (she still made a better album than Blackout though :onemoredrink: ) but I truly stan her. I EVEN MADE A HEIDI MONTAG MASTERPOST. Which of course I'm not gonna link. It's in the media section of celebrities.
But everyone has their own understanding of shit of the day and quite literally, your OWN shit of the day, your OWN rules. Lol.
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