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Carrie Underwood - That's All

Julia Michaels - Glow In The Dark

Julia Michaels - Do It For Me

Becky Hills - All Leads To You

Ella Henderson - Drunk



Avril Lavigne - Alice (Studio Acapella)

Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer (Studio Acapella)



Kesha - Sleazy (VOX Stems) - Not the demo ones

Cobra Starship - You Make Me Feel So... (Stems)

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell (Incomplete Stems) [5 Files] - Bundle

Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend (Incomplete Stems) [2 Files] - Bundle



Demi Lovato - Warrior (Instrumental)

Rihanna - Do Ya Thing (Instrumental) 

Bishop Briggs - Pray (Empty Gun) [Instrumental]



Camila Cabello - L'Oreal Shoot (Full)



Zayn - Pillowtalk (Demo)

Kesha - Godzilla (Demo)

Terra Torres - Body Bag (Demo for Porcelain Black)



Kesha demos***

Demi Lovato (Instrumentals ETC)**

Dua Lipa unreleased*

Anything else


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2 minutes ago, ☆☆☆MonaLisaMike☆☆☆ said:

Im confused.....so you don't have it, or you have it and now doesnt need? :queenie:


Basically, I have a .FLAC file of the I Love Rock n' Roll (Karaoke) then everything went downhill fast ;)

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