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Turn Ya Head

SHIT OF THE DAY - December 22th

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Kimberly Cole - Smack You



Here's a great song about smacking a bitch... Well the lyrics are a bit vulgar but who the eff cares? It's really catchy and I'm sure you'll find yourself singing along to it and repeating the word "bitch" in a row for a solid 10 seconds. At least. I don't think this was ever a top 10 hit but it definetly became quite known and popular at the time... However, it was utterly forgotten. Here are both the explicit and clean versions!


DOWNLOAD: 01 Smack You - Reloaded, Feat. Dr. Hollywood.m4a

                        11 Smack You - Reloaded, Feat. Dr. Hollywood (Radio Mix).m4a


HQ Artwork (960x960)







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