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Turn Ya Head

Introducing you to... SHIT OF THE DAY - December 21th

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Hey, Universe.

Today, and from now on, Turn Ya Head will bring something you will hate... But deep inside, love with your whole soul.

Have you ever caught yourself dancing and singing along to such a trashy and bad song you felt ashamed of yourself? That was something that used to happen to me the whole time a few years ago. It was hard, but I eventually admitted to have a constant craving for trashy, tacky and tasteless music.

This might sound contradictory, but as bad as it sounds, trash pop is SO DAMN GOOD. Once you get into it, there's no turning back. There's just a shit ton of (probably untalented) artists who are waiting for someone to finally check on them.

However, finding "good" trash music can be hard sometimes. I had to go through a long way in order to master the arts of finding what I like to call, shit. I want Universe to truly appreciate shit. That's why I decided to start these threads.

Whenever you're feeling down and need some trash to lift your mood, you can check these threads to find party anthems, the worst of the worst that I love so much. Every day I'll post a song. And yeah, I'm almost sure you will want to download and get that shit on your iTunes. But finding links to irrelevant trash is hard sometimes. Guess what? I got your back. Each song posted will include a download link. With no further explanations, I'll move on to the first SHIT OF THE DAY


If the administrators, for any reasons, do not want me to make this kind of thread/share links let me know. I'll cancel everything and delete the post.


Colette Carr - Sex



Just by looking at the artwork, anyone can realise that the song is a MASTERPIECE. Colette Carr is more of a rap/hip hop artist, but this pop track is in the style of Ke$ha's Tik Tok and Far East Movement's Like a G6. Whether Colette herself is a flop or not is up to debate and personal opinion, but clearly this song went over mostly everyone's radar (the reference lmao) despite being just as good as any pop hit from around 2010.


DOWNLOAD: 01 Sex (feat. New Boyz).m4a


HQ Artwork (953x953)



-You find it unclassy, I find it sassy.-

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