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The Instagram Thread - let's follow each other.


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I was doing some thinking and I thought, why not share my Instagram with everybody?


All I do is post abstract art which is mostly vaporwave and sometimes I'll post a selfie or a picture that I took but mostly it's vaporwave.


I just thought it would be nice for everybody to have the chance to follow each other if they would like.


If you're interested, check out my Instagram page. 




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10 hours ago, Ariana Grande said:

I'd follow y'all as long as you don't mind my instagram page is actually personal and not fandom/music related :yaknow: 

Martin, what's your username? Or should I just look your name up? :selenerz: 

None of mine (really) is music/fandom, all just selfies.



17 hours ago, ☆☆☆CélineDijon☆☆☆ said:


Yeah I got it wrong, I know, but reallycoolandveryinteresting has been my user for so long its too late to change it

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