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Just a small update from me.


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My laptop fan shit itself. So currently I can only access Universe via Mobile. My laptop overheats whenever I use it for pretty much... Anything.


So that's why I've been a little inactive.


I'm going to Walmart tonight to see if they have any screw extracting kits because the two screws I have that I cannot get out or stripped where when you take a Phillips head to the screw and it won't turn it will damage the shape of the whole that you're supposed to turn and go completely around making it unable to be used. So I've got to extract it. The bad thing is it's on my computer's motherboard so it might be a little dangerous.


Other than that I've been thinking of so many different threads to post but by the time I have any free time I usually forget. 


But yeah I just wanted to say hey y'all. Don't worry about me. I'm alive. 


Life sucks but I'm still here :ashley:

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