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Please Help Us :(

Miz Cracker

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It's Me Steven on the Left, please take the time to read this and if you like to help, I'd appreciate it, I can explain a bit more if anyone is confused with anything from the description


My name is Vincent and my Boyfriend's name is Steven. We both recently got kicked out and evicted from our apartments because of an incident that was very unfortunate leaving us struggling with what to do next. We have no transportation and we rely on our friend but that's cutting it short. In the mean time we are staying at a friends and we need to get back up on our feet. Just today Sept. 12th my boyfriend Steven told me he was fired from his job making our struggle even harder then what I was expecting it to be. Luckily Steven's mom is in Florida and would be glad to take us in but at the same time we need to save for our flight necessities and other expenses before and during the move. I am the only one currently with a job and that money is running short. We need to save up as much as we can and until that time Steven is trying to get another job. Saving will be nearly impossible as that I have to still pay rent where I will be residing and nessesities, phone bill, gas money. Ect. I am asking your help from the bottom of my heart that if you could spare anything even if its a dollar I will be more than happy and so thankful for your generosity. I've never been through something like this and its hard. I'm trying to make the best of the situation. Anything would be greatly appreciate. Thank you for your time.

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Sucks that y'all are going through this :( You really should put this on a place that is more crowded. Go on Twitter, upload a video on YouTube or some other forum, although the best option would be to reach an LGBT+ support foundation to ask for their help. I think Miley's foundation is in Texas :yes: 

I'm so glad people is already helping you out. I'll make sure to share the link. For now, that's all I could do for you. But I'm sending you my good thoughts and prayers. :hug: 

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You should promote this especially on FB, Twitter, and let LGBT websites know you're in serious need, I'd also go more into detail maybe of why you were kicked out. It would maybe make more people give to you. I wish I had the money to help but unfortunately going through money issues right now. Good luck and stay strong sis!

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