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Request: Madonna Blond Ambition Tour on Yokohama in High Quality

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Hello everyone! ;)

So, I have a request to make, I don't know where else to do it, and since I know that there are several people here with exclusive materials here, and with HD videos, I would ask, if possible, if anyone has the Blond Ambition Tour Madonna, in Yokohama, in the highest quality possible. :annoying::beauty::hug:
The quality I have seen on the internet is not very good, I prefer a rip of the laserdisc. Also, the videos of the tour that are on YT are being blocked by Warner. :crying2::crying5:


PS: I have the Girlie Show concert in Fukuoka in DVD (It's sort of rare, since it's only been released on Audio), If anyone wants it, I can help too. :):snapney:

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