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Just checkin' in with my bb's!

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oh heeyy gorls :) It's been a while, I know :Icant: I've been MIA not only from UniHeaven but also from social media in general because the my hubby and I have been vacationing in Vietnam :annoying:  the last 2 weeks, before that I had eye surgery so I was pretty much blind for a week :crying1: and I'm so sorry that I fell behind on the Fanta of Love survey :crying2: I would like to continue it when I fly back home after the 15th is that ok? I stopped at Britney album :oops: anywhoooo have I missed anything big in the Britney World? :waitWAT: besides her getting mobbed in Jerusalem?  :waitWAT: 

feel free to fill me in on ya lives as well :tbh: 


The only thing new in my life is that I have a new position I'm really excited about :) I'm the Northern California regional director of a bartender/server/DJ's staffing business! 


Pros and Cons of Vietnam:





-the culture is really cool, even in the poor area of saigon where my hubby be from

-the countryside is soo pretty 

-theme parks are very interesting and really cool

-toilets have their own little showerheads so i can easily wash the toilet which is great cause hubby makes a mess :shook:

-weather is so nice, even when it rains, 

-beach water is always nice/not cold



-customer service is AWFUL in most places :grumpy:

-no separation of shower and toilet/sink in the bathrooms so you have to walk in wet floor 


-the traffic is crazy i feel like im a pixel character on crossy roads

-people are so weird/rude to me because i look different. they either act like I'm a celebrity or a freak of nature especially over my braids:umad:

-people are rude in general like in the streets or crowded public places

-wifi is super slow which has made it hard for me to post photos and keep up with my friends :( 


mkay bye :laughbrit:



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