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Katy Perry's Witness


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Its a decent pop album. All possible hit singles were already released, aside from 'Roulette'.

her balads never chart so i dont think she should spend time on those



Chained to the rhytm is easily the biggest hit and catchiest song on the album but she already messed it up


i will however start a ban war on her if she proceeds with releasing a video to 'swish swish' with the slightest reference to queen Taylor in it.

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Ok, upon buying the Target Deluxe here are the songs I decided to not delete from my iTunes:



Deja Vu

Swish Swish

Chained to the Rhythm

Miss You More

Bigger Than Me

Into Me You See

Dance with the Devil (still can't decide if I like or don't like it. I have a love hate relationship with this song)

Act My Age


My top faves are: 

Miss You More

Bigger Than Me


Deja Vu


Overall, the album is super weak, those songs I'll probably play for like a week - month before I'm over them.


This album, era, and entire thing is a mess tbh. The taylor drama (from fucking 2015!!!), the Britney mental illness joke (fucking salty considering I had a mental illness), lying about "purposeful pop" (even though there is NONE of that on here!) 


Quite disappointing tbh, and most of the songs are nothing new from Katy. They all sounded like her other work... also kinda disappointed at Max Martin cuz he can do WAYYYYYY better than this.

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