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My dream for the Britney Army


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I doubt this would ever happen but if it did I just think it would be so amazing!! :spearitualney: 

every year I go with my husband to this 4-day event called FanimeCon which is an anime convention by fans for fans (that means that fans of anime volunteer at the event). it all happens at the city's convention center and its really fun :tbh: There are artists galleries, vendors, pannels, anime film showings, games and activities, auction, basically anything you could think of :oya: people come from all over and pay a lot for the tix for this actually and people dress up and generally are very friendly and open with each other because everyone is bonded by the same thing and are nonjudgemental of each other and that's what we are.


I wish we could come together and organize something like this around our Godney. :crying1: 

I can just imagine people walking around in Britney video costumes, a vendors section for old memorabilia, pannels about britney's career, her life, her role in feminism (remember that class taught by fans in nyc??) dancing to ha  music in the dance hall, all kinds of other cool stuff :)

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5 minutes ago, Ariana Grande said:

Well, that's basically what her shows are :awkward: 

I mean, if doing this convention means to pay for flight tickets, hotel, transportation, food, items, etc, then it's exactly as going to POM and meeting fellow stans there :oopsidk: 

True. What's a better way to meet fellow B Army than a concert?

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7 minutes ago, Ariana Grande said:

And to sing along to the track with Britney at the top of our lungs :yestbh: 

Yup. Maybe one day I'll get to experience that... hopefully. So far I'll just have to sing myself

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