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Did i do the right thing?


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Basically in school, this person who i don't really see eye to eye with was bitching about my best friend (i think to get under my skin idk). My best friend dropped out of school but thats another issue. After she was bitching i told my friend what she said and she sarcastically made comments about it on twitter... but idk if i did the right thing? maybe i should have kept my mouth shut?

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Yeah I think it just stirs up unnecessary drama tbh you shouldn't have said anything. You should however have defended your friend directly with the people who were saying shit that's what I would have done tbh


This girl was saying how my friend cakes on the make up and looks like a clown with acne. i did defend her by saying that she's free to do what she wants, and i didn't tell my friend to land this girl in the shit i did it because i felt like she deserved to know people where being shady about her idk

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But if your best friend dropped out of school why does it even matter that some random skanks are bitching about her? She doesn't go there anymore and doesn't have anything to do with them or have to deal with them on a daily basis. so why does she need to know?. You should have told the bitches to stfu sit the fuck down and stop bitching about someone who isn't even there anymore.


I wish i didn't tell her now but whats done is done.... thanks bb <3

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