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Turn Ya Head

The Cringey Universe Members Rap Game

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Basically this game is creating a rap (the more cringe the better) and at the end of it tag a member so they have to come and create a rap and then keep the game going that way.
If the member doesn't reply within a day, then another member has to rap and tag another person. You can tag the same user as many times as you want!
Let me start
I get more likes in a day
Than you do in a year
Femme Fatale second version
Is what I want right here
You better behave well
Whenever I'm near
Nicki Minaj who?
The queen of rap is me
Bitch get outta here
If you are tryna drag me
I always get to the point
No time for trolls, please
I'm gonna end like this
I'll tag a hoe right now
[mention=471]JoshLee[/mention] now come here
And start your own rap

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