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Style by Taylor Swiffer question

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This is a random/weird/silly question so here's the context :selenerz: 

A friend and I were listening to style and one of us said that towards the end of the song it sounds like Demi Lovato is singing in the background :disagreewitchu: my friend doesn't want me to say who thinks she is or isn't because she thinks yall will tell me what I wanna hear :ashley: so around the 3:30 mark someone comes in singing "you got that James Dean day dream look in your eyes...." and again on 3:42 and it sounds different from Taylor's voice :thinkingpinky: does it sound like Demi Lovato? We tried googling Demi and style but found nothing. One of us says that maybe it's such a small bit that no credit was needed, and the other says that there's no way it's Demi cause she literally hates Taylor. Actually we both think it doesn't sound like Taylor but one of us legit thinks it's Demi :yaknow: 

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