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Why does Katy Perry talk so much shit?

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LIKE.... 2h3y152.jpg



We all know she's just Dr Luke's biggest slave at the moment 2h3y152.jpg  


First there was her comment about Kesha's lawsuit, saying it was "sour grapes" 2h3y152.jpg


Like first off that's not even your place, we all know Dr Luke made you do that, and the only reason you're successful is because you got big titties, and you probably like to show them off to Dr Luke :pieceofwhat:


Judging from his character tbh :pieceofwhat: 


Does anyone remember when her nudes leaked? :pieceofwhat: when she was taking mirror selfies with that big ass camera? :pieceofwhat:

Cause I do :pieceofwhat:


And now you're gonna come after Britney? 2h3y152.jpg  



Bitch??? 2h3y152.jpg When was the last time you DIDN'T sleep with Dr Luke for a #1? 2h3y152.jpg


When DON'T you sleep with Dr Luke for ANY of your singles tbh? 2h3y152.jpg







You wanna joke about Britney's mental health, but does she even know who you are tbh? 2h3y152.jpg



No, because you're not relevant enough for her to stress over :queenflopga:

And haven't been since 2011 15h6y9.jpg  


Goodbye Kunty :queenflopga:  

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