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I had a really bad day at work.

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Don't be mean to your pizza delivery drivers.

I can't help if it takes an hour for your food to be delivered.

I had to take 10 deliveries within an hour, which is like HOLY SHIT.



I only get paid $5 an hour plus tips. Yes, that's legal, because of a loophole with tipped wages. Minimum wage is usually like $7.79 or around that.



I took an order we got online and the house was abandoned. The people didn't update their address and got angry at ME for it. Other people got angry cause their food took 45 minutes. (It takes 15 just to get through the oven, y'all need to chill.)


The first people tried to tell me they waited 2 hours for their phone (They waited exactly 1 hour and 3 minutes from the time we got their order to when I delivered it.) and they demanded it was free. They had to pay for their food of course.

I was taking my next delivery, and the people were pissed and telling me I wouldn't be getting tipped because I took 45 minutes to get to their house. And then they started looking really aggressive, so I just left after getting all the cash I needed.

Then I got pulled over for "speeding" but it was by a cop that's hated me for years. So I didn't pay much mind to it. I only got a warning.



I get home, and my mom's pissed over some chairs she bought and how they're defective. So I couldn't even whine to her about my shit day. All she wanted was the money I owe her for the water bill.


I'm just really sad right now and I need a hug and either a blunt or a bowl.


And Welcome To Me HQ.







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