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Make a top 10 of your all time favourite albums

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Sooooo this should be kind of easy so to make it more interesting, tell us a bit about the album and how you found it :) here's my list

1. Femme Fatale (Britney Spears) 2011

I initially found the album extremely annoying back when it was released. I was like 'hell no I don't like Britney Spears' and the album would pop up everytime I was on the net. Creepy, right? When I started being a fan of Brit because of Britney Jean, I got all her discography inmediatly. My favourite is (and will always be) Femme Fatale. I don't think I need to tell you all about the album, we're clearly all Britney fans lmao

2. Superficial (Heidi Montag) 2010

One day I was looking around Youtube for Britney 'demos' (yes, I secretly like fake youtube demos for Britney) and found this song supposedly called 'Hot Mess'. I checked the description for a download, even though I knew it was FAKE, and the Youtube copyright system had detected it as 'Heidi Montag - Blackout'. At first I thought it was a Britney rip-off so I clicked to see. But when I saw the album and all of the 1 star reviews, I knew I had to get it. It's a huge guilty pleasure, I love every single track.

3. Blackout (Britney Spears) 2007

Well we all know this is a great album, I discovered it when I became a Britney fan. With the exception of Outta This World, I love the album and there's no other song I dislike.

4. Circus (Britney Spears) 2008

One of those only albums I love from start to end and I regularly listen to.

5. Hands (Little Boots) 2008

I initially hated this album. But anothet listen was enough to make me stan for it. Like, the fuck??? I inmediatly loved it. It kinda has a Femme Fatale sound.

6. Britney Jean (Britney Spears) 2013

Lmao, I know people find it terrible, but I find it addictive. Slay me, EDMney!

7. The Redemption (Brooke Hogan) 2009

This was initially my least favourite album by her, but as soon as I played it a few times more, I started loving it even more than the rest of her music. Ruff Me Up and Hey Yo are anthems!

8. Paris (Paris Hilton) 2006

A member here recommended me this album. I will say THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH. The whole album is life and JEALOUSY IS A JAM!!!!!

9. Guilty Pleasure (Ashley Tisdale) 2009

I love@HeadstrongWolf for telling me about the existance of this. My favourite song by her hands down is Crank It Up :yasqueen:

10. Animal (Kesha) 2010

If pop music from 2010 was an album, this would be it. Every track except Stephen lol is perfect.

Post your list! :D

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