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help with mega.nz download limit fix?

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Ok peeps.  It seems that mega.nz has a limit of 1TB download limit for leechers.  (LOL).  And it seems that I have been given a  membership into the club.  I am now getting a message that says I must pay a monthly fee in order to continue downloading from mega.nz or wait until they have more free bandwidth available.  Of course they do not say when that might be. 


My question/request it this:

If anyone has a paid acct. with mega.nz, how do you like it and were you worried about giving them your personal information? 

Or does anyone have or know about about any type of work around for the limit policy?   I have heard about MegaDownLoader 1.7 but not sure how safe it is.  Anyone know much about it?


I really enjoy the download speeds they have even with the free service. 


If anyone has any help for a poor (and I mean that in the financial aspect)  I would be greatly appreciative.  Thank you. 

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