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Make me a holy siggy

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Can someone please make me a holy siggy to match my holy selfie? :goodside: I used to be able to make gifs but then i had to reset my macbook and lost my illegal photoshop :selenerz: this is what I would like:


this scene from the pom documentary:


With the words:



minus the "it's weird" part. If the quote is too long for the angel clip, you can have artistic freedom in choosing clips that are similar in theme to add to it in any way you like :) 


for the angel clip tho: please don't show the set around her, it kinda ruins it for me :mhm: i just wanna see my angel and believe that Godney is real :) 


comment if you love me and wanna make me super duper happy :yay1: if more than 1 person wants to make it for me we can make it a contest or something :selenerz: 


Jk :selenerz: 


Unless yall want that :selenerz: 


It could be fun :selenerz: 




Let me know!! :shook:



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